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Camberwell Group Inc. is the world leader in professional training, research, analytics and B2B services company. 


Our research activities, conferences and professional training events are provided to inform  professionals from small to large multinational organizations and governments around the globe.


The quality and professionalism of our services and events makes our programs the platform of choice for most governments, organizations and individuals.

Our Group is made up of seasoned experts with different backgrounds from around the world. Our passion is to deliver the best quality and unmatched services to ensure business performance excellence. The dedication, professionalism and hard work is the cornerstone of our work.  

Our brand promise which is to deliver quality information has not changed and our mission to assist businesses and governments around the world to achieve performance excellence and make the world a better place is our mind set. We do this by providing accurate real time information that empower people to make proactive business decisions. 



Building Proactive Cyber Defense Capabilities Into Operational Systems To Safeguard Critical Infrastructure


A two-day event that brings together innovative solution providers and renowned chief information security experts to share practical insights and proven strategies designed to safeguard valuable data and web applications from disruptive attacks.

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Hotel Security Conference


Hotel security has been a concern for sometime now but the current occurrences of events around the world where guests, employees and properties are at risk is becoming unbearable. Some of these occurrences are due to negligence others are due to vulnerability or not having the proper and efficient measures in place. What ever the case may be hotels owe a duty to their guest to provide a safe lodging experience free from any acts that will disturb their stay.

This two day training program is designed to inform hotel Owners, Operators, General Managers, Front Desk Managers and Security Officers as well as any executive charged with the responsibility of the day to day management of a hotel facility. This training will assist you with the necessary information and also discuss scenarios that should be taken seriously to prevent unthinkable circumstances that can lead to law suit, tarnish reputation or etc.

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Brand Polish Conference

Evaluating & Strengthening Your Brand Promise


The current technological advancements and innovation has brought changes in a way brand promise is delivered. Regulations, compliance requirements, globalization and its dynamics has resulted in brand promise delivery inconsistency. The brand promised yesterday is not the same across board in the current market place.

Are you utilizing the current methods, techniques and technology such as audio branding, etc to ensure brand promise consistency to win the competitive battle in the modern market place?

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Corporate Head Office
Camberwell Group Inc.
17 E. Monroe St. Suite 127

Chicago IL 60603


Some Areas of Research
  • Oil & Gas​

  • Environmental

  • Building & Construction

  • ​Pharmaceuticals​

  • Health & Wellness

  • Information Technology 

  • Job Creation

  • Town Planning

  • ​Cyber Security

  • Analytics

  • Security

  • Education

  • Hospitality

  • Chemical/Petrochemical

  • Banking

  • Brand Enhancement



Your Resource for quality information

We deliver quality information through trainings, conferences, webinars and podcasts. Contact us to get your onsite training or join us for upcoming events.

Providing Quality Information And Making Available Global Solutions For Business Performance Excellence